New pools bot released

Added NFT trending mints

NFT trending section
  • Logo
  • Name + symbol (etherscan token page on name click)
  • Description
  • Website (if available)
  • Twitter (if available)
  • Telegram (if available)
  • Discord (if available)
  • Mints (in selected timeframe)
  • Value (ETH sold)
  • Last Tx (timestamp and link to etherscan)

Opensea support!

Opensea trades

New ERC20 tokens bot

Logo for our first bot

Pair page updated

  • Dexstream pro fee increased from 20 DXS (about 0.1$) to 25.000 DXS (about $120). (This should not come as a surprise since it has been mentioned in the previous updates.)
  • Data processing update for BSC.
  • Preparations for bots, more soon!

Major update — BSC and Pancakeswap now supported!

BinanceSmartChain and Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap real time transactions

Another new feature: ERC20 new token

ERC20 New Tokens

ERC20 new token section

We are happy to announce a new feature: Hot Pairs.

Hot pairs — preview

Hot pairs listing

Token listing:

DXS buyer update


Dexstream provides DeFi traders and investors with near realtime transaction data to make better decisions.

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