The day 31.12.2021 has arrived and as promised the long term HODLers will be rewarded. Everyone who participated in either the first or the second sale and who currently HODLs will get additional DXS tokens. For the exact details we refer to this post: eligible users.

DXS reward

Based on all ‘Buy…

Added NFT trending mints

A few days ago we released a feature to follow near real time opensea trades, see dev update .11. The release and associated posts were a little to early since the broader nft feature was not included, it now is:).

NFT trending section

NFT trending mints will capture all NFT mint transactions in…

Many people are enjoying there holidays and so did we. After a few weeks off we are back with a new dev update. It is a small update but impacts many users which could use the pro version for two months. The update is listed below:

  • Dexstream pro fee increased…


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