It has just been 7 days since our second presale sold out within 7 hours. A few days later Uniswap v3 was launched on the Ethereum mainnet. Although we had been preparing it was an hectic week in order to get uniswap V3 swaps and pairs in We managed and we will update you in this post.

Uniswap v3 support

Uniswap v3 support

We have added support for Uniswap v3 swaps and pair transactions. Uniswap v3 swap transactions are also included in the home section. Next we will integrate it within the stats and earnings section.

Database update

The database was running on older software versions, we have updated this and the service should be running even faster now.

Public token sale

Initially we planned to do this sale around the release of uniswap v3, which was a few days ago. As you have noticed we did not made that, a formal udpate regarding the sale will follow soon.

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