📝 Dexstream.io DXS Listing update

The airdrop and sale have ended and now it is time for the listing. As announced already there is also an update for the DXS token buyers.

Token listing:

DEX: Uniswap V2
Block: ~12677777
Date: ~21.06.2021 12.30
Liquidity: 50 ETH/5.000.000 DXS
Price: 1 ETH = 100.000 DXS

DXS buyer update

If you participated in one of the sales phases you have an opportunity to double your DXS. On 31.12.2021 the balance of you account will be checked and we double that with a maximum of the total DXS purchased.
Example I: Joach has bought 750.000 DXS and on 31.12.2021 he has 560.000 DXS, he will get 560.000 send to his account.
Example II: Joef has bought 300.000 DXS and on 31.12.2021 he has 840.000 DXS, he will get 300.000 send to his account.


What will happen with the remaining ETH collected from the sale?
There is as additional ~36 ETH which has been collected during the sale. ~11 ETH will be used to cover server, marketing and coffee/pizza costs. The other 25 ETH will be put in the treasury for now.

What will happen with the remaining DXS?
13.663.385 DXS will be locked until 31.12.2021 and are used for the reward to our early users. This will be the 6.314.115 DXS and 7.349.270 DXS from the deployer address.

After listing and reservation for early users there remains (79.922.001–7.349.270–5.000.000 =) 67.572.731 DXS. This also will be put in the treasury for now.

We hope to see you all at our listing moment!

Enjoy the weekend and till monday!

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